Friday, 21 July 2017

WindowParts Flexi Handles

WindowParts Flexi Handles


Flexible Handles to fit up to 95% of Doors!

Available in Chrome, Silver, White & Gold


One handle designed to fit up to 95% of Multipoint locks using it's adjustable PZ centre.
PZ distance adjustable from 59mm to 96mm.
Lever/Lever operated handle with one 7mm spindle.
Easy to convert to a split spindle or an offset handle.
Available in four colours.
Suitable for external use.
Screw Hole Distance : 240mm (Chrome).
                                   : 260mm (Silver, Gold, White)

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Flexible Door Handle, Fits 95% of Multipoint Locked DoorsAdjustable PZ Centre Door Handle

 Adjustable PZ Centre Means This Handle Will Fit Up To 95% Of Doors

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