Monday, 16 November 2015

Konig Window Doctor uPVC Repair Kit

Suitable For Repairing Minor Scratches, Dents Or Bruises To uPVC Windows.

The window doctors kit includes the following:
  • Battery powered wax melter
  • Special fillers applicator
  • Hard wax x5
  • Sanding and Polishing cloth
  • x3 AA batteries
The sanding cloth will help make your rough feeling surface nice and smooth again and straight after you can use the polishing cloth to help make your surface look shinier and brand new.
There are 5 different waxes for 4 different types woods which are the following:
  • Oak
  • Irish Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood
The included 3 x AA batteries are used with the melter which is used to soften the wax so it can be applied on the surface to cover up those unwanted marks, stains or scratches.
The special filler applicator is used to blend the melted wax on to the surface using two different sides one for the edges of the surface and one for the flat parts.

Click here to go to WindowParts to see the Konig Window Doctor uPVC Repair Kit

 Konig Window Doctor uPVC Repair Kit wax

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