Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Winbag Inflatable Wedge

Winbag Inflatable Wedge


Using the WINBAG inflatable wedge window and door fitting can be done quickly and easily by one man doing the job alone.


5 Simple steps to installing a window frame with the Winbag Wedge.

Step 1: Place two blocks at the correct level under the window frame and a Winbag on the top of the frame and use the built in pump to inflate the Winbag, the window now is held with the Winbag at the top and resting on two blocks in the bottom. The window should now be just as tight as it can still be adjusted.

Step 2: The window frame can now be adjusted, first at the top and then the bottom to ensure correct placement in proportion to the facade. Inflate and deflate the Winbag as needed to keep the frame secure while adjusting.

Step 3: Using a winbag on each of the side corners and a level you can add or remove air from each of the bags until it is perfectly lined up.

Step 4: Affix as normal, the winbags are strong enough to keep your frame secure & in place while you fix the frame in place.

Step 5: Deflate the Winbags & seal the gap with expanding foam, because there are no wedges left in place you can get a good seal all the way round the frame.

These reinforced winbags can be used in joints from 2mm to 50mm and can carry up to 100kg each.

WindowParts Winbags Are Ideal For

■ Lifting a washing machine or shelving units.
■ Mounting of cupboards in kitchens, sheds etc.
■ When doors needs to be lifted and adjusted.
■ Holding things in place while waiting for glue to set hard.
■ As a door stopper.

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WindowParts Winbag

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