An update from Windowparts Ltd.

An update from Windowparts Ltd . Windowparts has reopened for some time now and as things are slowly getting back to normal with more and more shops reopening I thought to give an update about what we are doing to make sure that we are doing our part to help keep people safe while ensuring that you get the spares and repairs you need. We are currently operating with a reduced staff to keep contact with others reduced and to allow for us to keep a two meter distance to adhere to social distancing rules. In our stores we have installed screens to minimise face to face contact between our staff and our customers so that both parties can remain as safe as possible while still allowing them to purchase the parts they need. Hand sanitiser is available to help avoid illness when contact is unavoidable such as when purchasing an item. For any further updates that may happen from Windowparts please look to our website at or to our Facebook page .

WindowParts Christmas Closures

WindowParts Ltd. will be closing for the Christmas Holidays at 5pm Friday the 20th of December and reopening the 2nd of January. All Orders placed after 1pm on the 19th will be despatched in the new year after reopening. 

Understanding Multipoint Locks

Identifying the different multipoint locks You may be looking to replace damaged parts on your doors or to strengthen the security of your home. It can be a little overwhelming at first seeing the variety of terms used and the varying specifications across each one, especially when there are so many types and variations. With this blog post you should reach a better understanding of what the different pieces of product information mean. Deadbolt,  Hook/ Pins,  Hook/ Roller,  Mushroom Cams (often referred to just as cams),  Round Pins,  Small hooks/ Pins,  Hookbolt,  Rollers. Without having seen these before, the names probably don't mean a whole lot.  Below are a selection of different multipoint locks with these names, identifying which part of the lock the name is referring to. Next up I have drawn up a technical graphic to help explain the measurements given with multipoint lock specifications. A: Total length of the multipoint lock. B/C: Locking Points

Here's how you can keep your home warm this winter

Winter seems to be here early this year with temperatures already reaching the negatives.  Visit our website at Keep your home warm this winter by replacing your old gasket windows seals. As seals start to get old they become less and less effective as the rubber starts to harden and become brittle. When this starts to happen the gaskets are not able to form into the shape of the gaps in the windows letting out the warm air from your home. Keep your heating costs down this year by keeping out  draught  by repairing your windows with the Flexi Universal Repair Gasket  designed to fit 95% of windows. This saves you the need to know exactly what type you are currently using. The Flexi Repair Gasket Systems will cover gaps up to 7.3mm and is able to compress down to as little as 2mm, they are available as Wedge or flipper gaskets and t he flipper version of this product will act as a bubble gasket when the window is closed.  UNIVERSAL REPAIR WEDGE GASK
High Security For Your Home The Millenco Magnum High Security cylinder is a solid lock both in security and strength. This lock is a Euro cylinder and is designed to fit a wide range of uPVC doors making it an excellent choice.   This Millenco Magnum High Security cylinder is highly secure and incredibly resistant to attack, tampering and damage allowing you to feel safer at home. Offering great protection against common forms of damage such as drilling, bumping, snapping and lock picking  ANTI-DRILL PINS - Magnum is protected against drilling by anti-drill pins and balls on each ends. ANTI-BUMP - Magnum features V-Pins on both ends to resist bumping. ANTI-SNAP - Magnum Snap-Safe technology provides two-fold protection against extraction. ANTI-PICK - Magnum features 4 special anti-pick pins on each end to resist picking. Each cylinder is supplied with 3 keys. Keyed Alike option available which includes 2 cylinders that are operated with the same keys, perfect for use o


Euro seal/Window Gasket is a rubber strip fitted between units to prevent leaks and drafts penetrating your home, damaging surfaces, and furnishings. We use weather sealants to provide a barrier between the natural elements and your home helping to protect your home from heavy wind and rain. Your windows and doors will have a weather seal/gasket regardless of what material used. Seals/Gasket will get damaged over time by weather, cleaning products you used to clean your windows and doors, overuse, poor installation. Maintenance of the gaskets around your windows and doors is essential to saving money on your energy bills, a well-installed window seal will prevent any heat escaping prohibiting and draughts from entering. Weather Strips and Gasket REPLACEMENT RUBBER WEATHER SEAL Used to replace a worn or missing rubber seal on Euro Groove doors & thresholds. Two types, see images for rubber cross-section shape. Sold in 1-meter lengths Incl. Ta


Looking to save on spares and repairs? Come visit to browse our range of products currently on sale for great savings. We might have just the thing you need to fix up that broken window lock or door handle that won't open properly. Here's a look at what we currently have on sale that's popular among customers for use with spares, repairs and replacements. Click Here: Aluminium Lever/Lever Sprung Door Handle Inline Lever/ Lever. 92mm PZ Centre. 211mm Screw Hole Distance. 240mm Faceplate Length. 30mm Faceplate Width. Sprung Handle. 58% Savings £21.60    Excl. Tax:   £9.00   Incl. Tax:   £10.80 Click Here: Hadenza Flat Blade Locking Window Handle Supplied with one key per handle Flat angled spade type lug. Four fixing holes, cover included. Spade size: 35mm x 15mm x 3mm. Spade can be cut down if needed. 58% Savings £18.00   Excl. Tax:   £7.50   Incl. Tax:   £9.00 Click Here: Cisa Astral H